Taken December 1, 2015

 I’m Marikha Cabel, and I’m a Storyteller.

Discovering new ways to share as many stories and perspectives as possible is my life mission, and I created marikhacabel.com as my way to share these discoveries with you.  I’ve lived in three countries and visited countless others, each one more captivating that the next. Traveling made meeting people become a passion of mine, and I thrive off the beautiful and unique stories they have to tell.  I strive to actively engage and make strong connections with these people in the hopes of bringing out the best in them. Portrayed through my writing, photography, graphic design, and video work, marikhacabel.com provides creative insight into the places I’ve been, people I’ve met, and stories I’ve heard.

Curiosity became my career.

Remember way back in the early 2000’s when kids thought it was so cool they were using Microsoft Paint to make silly stick figure drawing or to put text on a picture?  I was probably the epitome of those kids, and it led me to becoming curious about how I could do it better and differently.  This led to developing skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at a young age, and I have since continued broadening my horizons. Through this never-ending curiosity, I have been able to turn what started out as a middle school interest into my life’s work.  It’s led me to create graphics and promotional videos for many websites, organizations, and small businesses, ultimately leading me to love marketing.

Quickest way to hear my life story? Ask me where I’m from.

To start, I was born in Thailand, but neither of my parents are Thai. My father is Filipino and my mother is of Indian and German descent. I wasn’t exactly raised in Thailand either. At the age of 3 I moved to Turkey and lived there for eight years, but then I went back to Thailand and graduated from Bangkok Patana International School. In the midst of all of this, the one language other than English that I picked up is French. En m’entendant parler français ferait fondre votre cœur. And now I’m here – Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I graduated from the University of Michigan in December 2014 with a B.A. in Screen Arts & Cultures and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship.  While there I gained experience working with and producing films. I created a short movie on 16mm film, which might be outdated, but was still fascinating to work with. I gained most of my experience with digital video editing software using Final Cut Pro, and during the spring of 2012 I made a short documentary on Willowbrooke Farms, the home barn of the University of Michigan Equestrian Team. I was also a production assistant for student-produced web series Th’Undergrads, and a producer for a sketch comedy called Live Bait during my senior year.

I love being behind the camera, having acted as an event photographer and videographer for several concerts, bar/bat mitzvahs, and even a T.V. show premier. When I wasn’t behind the camera I did design work.  I’ve designed for organizations like a local Veteran’s Affairs office,  small businesses like Lifepoints Publishing in Coldwater, MI, restaurants like Taste Kitchen in Ann Arbor, MI, and many logos/graphics for individuals.  My senior year I made the website promotional video for a Michigan based financial planning company, Senior Planning Advisors, and after graduating the following year I joined them as their Marketing Specialist.